Pivot illumi starter схема подключения

The Content Browser will display special icons on the upper-right corner of assets to give the source control status. Once you have added Starter Content to your project, you can find it in the StarterContent folder in the Content Browser. To see the Starter Content in use, open the Starter Map level. Here, you can see many of the Particle Systems, Materials, and Static Meshes placed throughout the level. For quick reference, the help links that you can find in the lower right hand corner of each setup section have been listed below. Stationary Light for Sun Makes the Directional Light stationary.

This prevents other users from editing the asset at the same time. Light Shaft Bloom and Light Shaft Occlusion Toggling these enables or disables postprocess light shafts from the sun direction. To use the Advanced Lighting assets in an existing project, you can Migrate the Advanced_Lighting map, and all associated assets will also be migrated. This Blueprint behaves like a Directional Light, skybox sphere, HDRI background, atmosphere, height fog, Sky Light, and lightshafts all together. It allows artists to have one location for most of their lighting settings.

The links have been order in the same way that they come up in the setup process. Most settings on the BP_LightStage for the atmosphere correspond to the same ones on an Atmospheric Fog Actor. Use Global Settings Use global source control login settings, rather than per-project. Altitude Sets the height of the fog, so you do not have to move the Actor.

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