Схема вакуумных шлангов на ауди 2.2 jectronic

схема вакуумных шлангов на ауди 2.2 jectronic
They are just aft of the throttle body on the 83′ and earlier cars and forward of it on the later ones. Оценка установленной системе Оценка уровня сервиса Поляков В.В. Jeep Commander. The timing must be set with then engine idling from 900-1000rpm. If the idle speed is incorrect, adjust the idle using the double nut adjustment as described in the next section. Рулевое управление не так быстро откликается на его действия, появляется некая инерционность. Нельзя делать сложную систему, постоянно поглядывая на часы. Even though the inside of the motor was reasonable clean, I went ahead and polished the commutator. I detected that the bearings that the rotor turns on were a bit gummy so I cleaned it well and lubricated it with a bit of graphite.

Это керамическая плата— основная деталь ДМРВ, на нее нанесены пленочные резисторы и дорожка по которой должен бегать подвижный контакт. Aah—I’ll let someone with more experience than myself, George Hussey of Automobile Atlanta («Doctor 914»), answer that in his own words: Much confusion has occurred over the so-called appearance group offered as a 914 option. The AFM has a microswitch which is activated as soon as the AFM’s door moves. You can change the oil right away or you can run the engine long enough and at a sufficient speed to distill off the water. Have a friend start the car and blip the throttle.

Today questions posted there about L-Jetronic are quite rare. The problem with the volt meter method is the chance of damaging something is greater then the chance of finding a faulty AFM. There is a test involving our trusty ohm meter but it is entirely unreliable. The oil smelled like gas. I replaced it since this scares me for good reason. Of course this improved nothing but my peace of mind. The fact that the sunroof drains into this area does not help. The law says that a car must retain the original induction system. Также хорошо себя зарекомендовали в эксплуатации смесители Pierburg и Peugeot. В нашем интернет-магазине вы можете купить смесители газа от лучших производителей.

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